Thursday, December 13, 2007

Presidential Politics

I always look at Presidential election years with dread. Well I take that back. If the President is someone I disagree with I look forward to having them leave office. That's how it was back in 2000 when I knew Clinton couldn't run again.

But now we have a different Clinton running and I'm not quite sure what one is worse. There is just something about Hilary that rubs me the wrong way. I mean other than her basically socialist views. On the issues she and I could just never agree so on that basis I just couldn't vote for her. I know a lot of women may consider me a "traitor" for not voting for a woman. I have no problem voting for A woman for President. Just not that one. When I cast my vote, it's for the person in the field of candidates that I think will do the best job. I vote for someone who's worldview and morals best match mine. It just so happens that it has always been a white male that closest resembles those based on the people who have run.

Personally I would LOVE to cast a vote for Condoleeza Rice. I greatly admire her and think she'd make a great President. I don't think she'd want the job so I can't see her running, but still. I'm not opposed to voting for anyone based on whatever "label" they may fall under.

I am finding it remarkable just how quickly Hilary's campaign is losing steam. She had an enormous lead just a month ago. Now Oprah is campaigning for Barack Obama and they are now even. Although I must say it's a little concerning that people are voting for Obama just because Oprah says so. Too many people don't do enough research on their own and critically think about which candidate would do the best job. It's your vote! People have given their lives so that you can cast it and to just vote the way a celebrity tells you to seems like such a waste to me.

One thing I am enjoying about the primary season is the surge that Mike Huckabee is having. Back in the spring and summer when nobody was paying attention to the campaigns except the 24-hour news channels I told Greg (my husband) that I really liked Huckabee and that he just seemed "real". I'm glad that he has stuck with the race even when it seemed very dim because he's gone from a total back of the pack candidate to the frontrunner. It's so awesome! Now all the media has gone into attack mode and are trying to dig up dirt on the guy. I haven't had as much time to pay attention to all the news channels lately but I'll try to read up on these attacks and comment on them in a future post.

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