Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Post Office Preventing Fraud?

Like countless others in the Christmas season, I had to make my trek to the Post Office to buy the obligatory Christmas postage for my Christmas cards. I don't carry much cash on me ever so I had planned on using my credit card as I have used numerous times before. I get there, order my 4 books of stamps and hand them my credit card. The lady hands it back and says they do not accept unsigned credit cards. Since I had no other method of payment I handed the stamps back to the lady and she huffed at me. Nice. I can't help the fact that your office has a stupid policy.

Ok, I realize that according to credit card policy the cards are not considered "valid" until signed, but come on. Let's be realistic here. How the heck does signing the back of your card prevent fraud? I mean if you sign it and someone steals your purse or wallet then they can see how you sign your name and possibly forge it. If they check your drivers license then they can match the name to your card, match your picture to you, and match the signature on your DL to the signature on your credit card receipt. Seems logical to this CPA.

I think the post office should have more important things to worry about than this. I mean, first of all, if someone steals a credit card I'm guessing that more likely than not they will not be using the fraudulent card to buy stamps. I've known people who have had their cards stolen. Those cards were used at electronics stores, etc. NOT to buy stamps.

I realize that common sense seems to have flown the coop some time ago but come on people.

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