Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Biggest Loser

For those who haven't watched it, this show is awesome. You take a group of overweight individuals and have them work their butts of (literally) in an attempt to be the Biggest Loser and win $250,000. Each week a player gets voted off until they get to the final four who go home and try to lose as much additional weight as possible in 3 months or so until they have the final weigh in. The person with the highest percentage of weight lost since the beginning wins.

Well last night they got down to the final four. I was so glad to see it was Neil from the blue team getting voted off. In my opinion, he has been a dirty player. I know you hear people talk about "playing the game" in shows like this and Survivor, but I don't think we should be rewarding people for devious play in a civilized society. One week this guy Neil deliberately gained 18 pounds in an attempt to throw his team below the "yellow line" and put them up for elimination. He did this to make sure one of his own teammates got voted off. Then at another elimination he voted for one of his best friends on campus there. I'm sorry, but this just cannot be rewarded. I think the victory should go to the one who plays with the most dedication and hardwork. Not the one who screws around with everyone.

I also really liked how the final four was entirely made up of the black team members. These were the people who were not selected at the beginning. Among the overweight people, they were not picked. The outcasts. But they banded together and worked hard and now they are the final four. It's just so inspiring and refreshing to see. It just shows that no matter who rejects you, if you work hard, you can be successful in the end.

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